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One Person’s Waste is Another’s Treasure

Written by Team NPOwer

Freegan Food Foundation: Sees one person’s waste as another’s treasure

Freegan Food Foundation was established after the devastation of Hurricane Irma in 2017. The founders, DJ and Joost, lived on the island from 2010 - 2013 and moved back to Holland after. When they saw what Irma did to the island, they wanted to do something for the people on St. Maarten, but didn’t know what was really necessary. So, when a close friend asked them to share out free meals for the people in need, they immediately said yes.

What does your organization do and who is your target group?

“We prevent food waste and fight hunger on St. Maarten. Our target group consists of people who do not (or not enough) have access to sufficient food each day.”

How does your organization contribute to a better St. Maarten for all?

“30% of all food produced gets wasted. Globally, if food waste could be represented as its own country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter, behind China and the United States. By reducing food waste, we help St. Maarten reach their Sustainable Development Goals, but more importantly we feed people who are hungry.”

Give examples of activities you usually host or have hosted to achieve your organization's goals?

“We give supermarkets and wholesalers the opportunity to donate their (food) waste (still edible food) and we distribute that amongst the needy. Besides the Food Waste program, we run a client choice food bank, where members can apply and shop like in a normal supermarket against strongly reduced prices. The foundation accepts all items (not only food) that are still good and can be used by someone else. Books, toys, clothing, appliances, furniture. We connect people so nothing goes to the landfill.”

What message would you like to send out to the community to support your group's goals?

“Please consider your neighbours, your friends, your community member, whenever you want to throw anything that is still of good use away. There is no such thing as 'away', it just moves somewhere else and becomes someone else's responsibility. Take your responsibility and reconsider before throwing anything out.”

How can someone sign up to volunteer or support your organization?

“Send a WhatsApp message (no calls!) to 5807174 to volunteer and do the same when you have anything to donate.” Contact email address: [email protected]

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