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Here you discover volunteer opportunities on St Maarten that match your skill, available time and passion to St. Maarten based non-profit organisations (NPOs) that are deserving of your help. Volunteers can help in areas such as youth initiatives, service learning, animal welfare, nature and environment, beach clean-ups, elderly care, gardening, community service and much more. If you want to volunteer for a worthwhile cause on St. Maarten and St. Martin, this site offers a wide cross-section of charity organisations, activism groups and good initiatives. Organisations and companies can facilitate volunteering on St. Maarten via this site that connects volunteers to vacancies, companies to good causes and organisations to good help. Worthwhile experiences on the Friendly Island start here.

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Event · 20 Aug, 07:00 - 08:30
EPIC South Reward Cleanup
Volunteer for an EPIC morning and help us clean up litter in 🌳 South Reward. We will provide gloves, garbage bags, refreshments, and a BIG thank you!
Posted by EPIC Sint Maarten
Sint Maarten
Haircuts for boys
We have 10 boys between the ages of 2 to 15 that reside at our New Start for Children Foundation home. They are in need of haircuts. Posted by New Start for Children
Organisation role · 2–8 hrs/Week
Artifact Inventory and Photography
Learn to photograph and inventory historical and cultural items in the collection of Amuseum Naturalis at The Old House.Posted by Les Fruits de Mer
Organisation role · 2–4 hrs/Week
Lower Prince's Quarter
Volunteer Dutch Speaker Needed
All of our students need help with their Dutch Language skills. The students range in ages from 7 to 23. They are great children that are eager to learn. ThanksPosted by Player Development SXM
Task · 0–2 hrs
Lower Prince's Quarter
Visit with the children
We are open Monday to Friday 1 to 5pm. The children love to meet people, hear about their homes, places of interest and just make a friend. Posted by Player Development SXM

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